Sometimes I Feel…

Sometimes-I-feelSometimes I feel like I don’t know what I’m doing.
Sometimes I feel Inadequate.
Sometimes I feel like a motherless child.
Sometimes I feel like I feel like I’m floundering.
Going to and fro. Go to work. Go home. Go to the supermarket. Go Eat. Go to Sleep. Go to the gym. Always on the GO! When does it end? Why does it have to be this way? Is there something else out there? For me? For my family? For the world?

I say Yes! Emphatically Yes!

The answer is simply to stop and smell the roses. Yes! Smell the Roses! Take some time to just enjoy nature! Make time to tell your loved ones how much they mean to you. Send a text to a friend just because! Focus on someone else! There is a God who cares! You may not believe it, but its true.

I find that when I’m feeling down, I just have to sing a simple song and I feel a whole lot better. There is something about that sweet, simple song that just soothes the soul. There’s the old negro spiritual that says, “Sometimes I feel like a motherless child, a long way from home.” If you ever feel that way just remember there’s some One who cares. Take the time to day to tell someone you love them.

I Know I Will and I know I’ll also take the time to Play It (Music) By Ear!!!

6 thoughts on “Sometimes I Feel…”

  1. I am with you here David! We all need to step away from our computers and remember we are breahing, feeling, sensing, touching, smelling, earthy alive creatures and connect with other living beings daily!!!

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