Get Some Rest!!!

Get Some Rest...RESET!!!  Start Over!!! STOP!!! It can wait till tomorrow!!!

These are all words and phrases that I need to listen to. Why? Because it lengthens your life and contributes to overall health and general well being as reported in a recent article in Time Magazine. In this article it is refers to SLEEP as the new Health Frontier! Here’s an excerpt from the article that really struck home to me:

Researchers have known for some time that sleep is critical for weight maintenance and hormone balance. And too little sleep is linked to everything from diabetes to heart disease to depression. Recently, the research on sleep has been overwhelming, with mounting evidence that it plays a role in nearly every aspect of health. Beyond chronic illnesses, a child’s behavioral problems at school could be rooted in mild sleep apnea. And studies have shown children with ADHD are more likely to get insufficient sleep. A recent study published in the journal SLEEP found a link between older men with poor sleep quality and cognitive decline. Another study out this week shows sleep is essential in early childhood for development, learning, and the formation and retention of memories. Dr. Allan Rechtschaffen, a pioneer of sleep research at the University of Chicago, once said, “If sleep does not serve an absolutely vital function, then it is the biggest mistake the evolutionary process ever made.”

WOW! Too little sleep is linked to Diabetes, Heart Disease, and Depression, as well as ADHD in children. I know that when I get a good night’s sleep, I feel like I can conquer the world. It feels like there is nothing that I cannot do that day. And it is all because I had enough sleep the night before.

So my advice to you? Get Some Rest!!! I know I will and I know that I will also find the time to Play It By Ear!!!

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