Scaling The Walls!!!

What do you mean I have to learn scales? Can’t I just play like you play? Huh?

Simple Answer?


You have to scale the walls. Playing by ear is a lifetime endeavor. You will always be learning as a musician and as a person. So one of the things that help you learn to play by ear is knowledge of the different musical scales that currently exist. In most modern popular music, there are two main scales that everyone should learn [Drumroll]

They are Major Scales and Minor Scales. They are the foundation of all the modern popular music. So it behooves you to learn them. Why?

It helps you to Play It By Ear.

So until next time keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars


5 thoughts on “Scaling The Walls!!!”

  1. David,
    I love how you entertain and engage with your topic. You definitely have a great balance between providing information and the concept of “leave “em wanting more.”


  2. What a fun little post full of important information – I had over 12 years of music lessons – and just took this for granted – but you, showed how important this is! Thank you for a good read. 🙂 Coach Donna Laree, Business Mentor

  3. I didn’t mind learning scales when I played the piano (many years ago). However, I balked at doing basic exercises for my dancing class. I wanted to tap dance, not do that other stuff. Still can’t dance. 🙂 Great info.

    1. Nita for the record, I can’t dance either. 🙂 Its all about being consistent. You could probably get back to it now if you have the time and inclination. Thanks for reading

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