It’s All In the Bass – The Foundation

So I’ve been asked, “How do you play by ear?” I’ve thought about this for several years and I’ve decided I’m finally going to answer this question, once and for all. The answer is really, really simple. [Drumroll]

I practice!

What? That’s it? Yes. That’s it! There’s no easy way to get to playing the piano, or guitar, or saxaphone or what ever it is you’re doing unless you practice. Now there are some people who are able to get it right away. But they may not be able to tell you what they are doing or how to reproduce what they’re playing.

Now the title of this blog post gives away one of the tools that I use when I’m trying to learn a song by ear. I listen to the Bass Line. Yes, I listen to the bass line of the song. The bass line is what is used to form the chord structure of the song. It is THE FOUNDATION of the harmony and the underlying structure of the song.

Well so there you have it. The secret is out. Now all you have to do is Play It By Ear!

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