Upscaling The Walls – Get A Move On!!!

So yesterday I talked about musical scales and its effect on playing by ear. I thought about it for a little while and I came to the realization that in order for anybody to succeed in life they have to Upscale The Walls that surround them.

What do you mean Mr. Play It By Ear? Well, its simple. When ever you have to do anything in life, no matter what it is, you have obstacles in your way. In other words there are Walls around you that prevent you from doing that thing.

Walls of Laziness.
Walls of Resistance.
Walls of Nay Sayers.
Walls of a Lack of Funding.
Walls of Your Own Fears of Inadequacy.
Walls of Just Plain FEAR.

To get your task/goal accomplished you have to Upscale The Walls that surround you.  It may not happen all at once. The easiest way to get over the wall is one handhold or foothold at a time. You just keep climbing, grabbing hold and you will get over the walls before you know it. There is no other way. Dory from the the movie, Finding Nemo, had the ultimate Wall Upscaling Strategy (WUS) with  her mantra, “Just Keep Swimming. Just Keep Swimming, Swimming!!!”

My mantra to you is Just Keep Climbing, Smiling and Play It By Ear!!!


6 thoughts on “Upscaling The Walls – Get A Move On!!!”

  1. NICE! I enjoy reading your blog. Short and sweet. Keep em coming.

    “Play It by Ear” sounds good to me. I do it every day, and so do you, probably.

    Unless you’re reading from someone’s script, you’re faking it and playing by ear — listening for cues and responding to opportunities.

    I agree with you about PRACTICE. But I’d call it “mindful living”. We grow by adding to our repertoire of responses, by learning how to recognize opportunities, and learning how to create them for ourselves.

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