Take A Fermata…


Have you ever been working on a problem and you can’t seem to find a solution? Or have you been working on a certain section of a piece of music, and you cannot seem to get it right? The answer is simple. Take A Break. In other words, “Take a Fermata – Pause.”

That’s it. When you find yourself stumped, just take a break from what you’re doing and focus on something else for a little while and you will surprise yourself.  I’m not sure why taking a break works the way it does. For me, taking a break is a very useful thing that transcends music.

For example, children have recess at school. I have worked in places where a five minute break is prescribed for every hour of work. Some countries have siestas built into the middle of the day when the temperature is highest. Even musical concerts have Intermissions

I’m taking a break from this blog for today. I’ll be back tomorrow.  In the mean time, take a break and just keep on Playing It By Ear!

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