In The Zone…

In The Zone - Getting There is HALF the BATTLE!!!
#InTheZone: Getting There -HALF D BATTLE!!!

Achieving Success at Playing By Ear and for doing anything in life is a matter of planning and hard work. To get to the place where you are successful is not a random event that happens due to flights of chance or fancy. It takes lots of hard work. You have to be in the zone.

What does being “In The Zone…” mean? It means that there you have a sense of focus on what you are trying to accomplish. It means that you make the necessary sacrifices needed to finish what you have started. When I was learning to play the guitar for the second time, I had to make sacrifices so that I could learn. I took lessons. I had consistent practice times. I worked on specific things, one at a time. There was focus there.

Keep up the focus. Stay on the right path. Practice your instument, and Keep Playing By Ear!

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