Keep On Playing

Keep On Playing
You Will Get There – Just Don’t Give Up!!!

I’ve noticed something recently as I have been part of the Ultimate Blog Challenge this year. I have realized that if you keep playing, you are bound to win at some point. This gives me encouragement as I think about taking on my kids on the video game console – The Wii U. I think about playing against them and I realize that I am hopelessly outclassed. Why are they so good? They keep on playing – Even When They Lose!!!

This is important for a number of reasons

  1. You Learn From Your Mistakes
  2. You Learn from the mistakes of others
  3. You realize that if you quit you won’t get any better
  4. You are doing something better than your Dad (Not funny at all)

These principles and attitudes apply to all facets of life, including the mental, physical, spiritual, and social aspects to all of our being. I liken it to when I had to learn a piece by Chick Corea, Spain. The chorus or main line includes a very long line that took a considerable time to master at the speed it needed to be played. But I didn’t quit when I was learning it.

I played it so long that my son heard me play and decided that he was going to learn it. It was very interesting to see this 10 year old trying to play this intricate line. But he didn’t quit either and was able to get it after a while. Here’s a clip of us playing it together:

It just goes to show that if you give it your all and do NOT give up, you too can Play It By Ear!!!

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