All About That Bass

All About That Bass
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This title says it all. It’s all about that bass. It’s true. Ask anyone who is serious about music that plays. If they really analyze it most music is written around and from the BASS LINE. The melody is important as is the rhythm. But it is the bass line that drives the harmony.

The most important note is the Key Note. For example you would hear someone say that this or that song is in C Major or E flat Minor. The note that they are referring to is the Key Note or the main note from which the main harmony is derived. This note gets assigned the number 1, and all the other 6 notes of the scale are numbered sequentially.

Songs are generally made up of a series of chord progressions based utilizing the bass notes in the order that the composer or arranger wants to use them. This means sometimes that the same song may have different progressions based on the composer or arranger’s preferences. It is interesting to see the various combinations that can be derived from the same song.

Similarly I like to think of the foundations that we lay for ourselves. Do we have a solid foundation to live our life on? Are you seeking the things that will make it better? What is the thing that drives you, and gives you the will to keep going? Just as you have to have the right bass line for your song you have to have the right firm foundation for your life if you want to keep Playing It By Ear!

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  1. Hi David,
    Most of what you wrote was over my head but I loved the last paragraph, which brought it more into focus. I’m glad you added it. Good questions to see if you have a good foundation like the bass note is in music. Very nice analogy.
    Sharing this with my music loving friends!
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