Diminished… A Philosophically Musical View

Diminished? A Philosophically Musical View
A Philosophically Musical View

What does it mean to be diminished? Does it mean that I’m less than desirable? Does it mean that I don’t belong? Does it mean that it’s bad? These are all questions that people ask all the time, both in life and in music. The answers are actually very similar. I’ll tell you what I mean.

To be diminished in life sometimes mean that you may be in a place that seems to offer no hope. But as I mentioned in yesterday’s post, “There’s Hope For Everyone“, there’s always a way out of your situation. You just have to look hard enough, and the answers will be there. In other words, your situation is TEMPORARY or is just a passing phase. Similarly in music the diminished chord is more often than not a PASSING chord! Most musical pieces do NOT end on a diminished chord, but rather on a Major or Minor Chord. I will elaborate on that later.

The diminished chord is a chord that has equidistant spacing between the notes. Each note is a minor 3rd away from the other. For example, the C Diminished 7th chord is made up of the notes C, E flat, G flat and A. Each one of these can be used as a passing chord at least 4 different ways. So the diminished chord becomes the conduit to four different solutions in music.

Similarly I believe that many of the ‘diminished’ situations we face have more than one solution. We just have to look for the way out so we could continue to Play It By Ear.

7 thoughts on “Diminished… A Philosophically Musical View”

    1. Yes Laurel. A lot of the tragedy we see in the world today is temporary. In our life we have to know that the adage, “This too shall pass”, is so true. We are not diminished by our circumstances. We are stronger.

      That’s my story and I’m Sticking To It! 🙂

    1. Thanks Lillian. I think that relating the music to life helps me to put what I’m trying to say easier to write about. Sometimes if you just write about the technical aspects of it, then it loses the meaning for me. It can’t just be in a vacuum. It has to be relatable so that others can also begin to understand. I think with this one though, I should have done a demonstration of the concept. Maybe I’ll revisit it soon with a demo. Hmmm. Thanks for commenting.

  1. David, Diminished is exactly how life feels at times. I must trust that you are correct and this phase is only temporary. Really, you started this blog in response to the challenge? You have certainly lived up to it. This is a wonderful discovery for me:-)
    Stacie recently posted…leaving the battlefieldMy Profile

    1. Yes. I started this blog as a response to the Ultimate Blog Challenge. I must say that it is really a challenge. But when you have a plan of what you want to say, then it becomes easier to finish it. Finding and Making time to write is also key.

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