A Mother’s Legacy!

A Mother's Legacy - Can You figure out which one is my mom?
A Mother’s Legacy – Can You figure out which one is my mom?

Every Day Is Mother’s Day! At least it should be, as far as I’m concerned. That’s why I’m posting this message today instead of yesterday! It’s because of the hard work of mothers everywhere that we have all the great things in the world today. I am the man that I am today because of the impact that my mother had on me and my life. From my earliest days I remember my mother praying for me, and  encouraging me to excel in school and in life. Failure was not an option. She made it such a part of our framework that I have adopted that mindset even to this day! How does that relate to legacy? I believe that Legacy deals with the positive impact of someone or something on the lives of others. One of the ways this really impacted me, and by extension everyone around me, is in the area of Music. From as early as I can remember mom would encourage music around the house. She was always singing some song, even though she would tell you that she didn’t sing very well. She sang the Psalms that she learned while she was growing up. She sang different hymns that we all sang as a family, which is where I learned harmony. When I was about 8 years old, She actively encouraged my oldest brother to teach me piano. And then she made sure that I practiced and practiced my lessons until i could play them “properly!” I was also called upon to play the piano for our family devotion. And then u was called upon to play for church. And the rest is history. I hope I can pass on my Mama’s legacy as I continue to Play It By Ear!

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