All In The Family – Bassics!


This is going to be a great year. I had the awesome privilege to teach my kids some music. Specifically I was able to acquire a bass guitar and teach both of Kids to play. It was very exciting! In this case with the bass guitar being the foundation of the songs that we were listening to at the time. It was Chris Tomlin’s rendition of the “God of Wonders” song.

The beautiful thing about this is that I had recently showed them the pattern on the guitar, and when I played it for them they were able to catch on pretty quickly. It was Absolutely Amazing how much they were able to experiment and get on their own.

The most beautiful thing about this whole situation is that I’m able to spend time with them and pass on the knowledge and experience I’ve gained playing music for the last 30 years. Just the thought of it keeps me smiling and willing to continue to Play It By Ear!

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