The Struggle Is Real

The Struggle Is Real!!!

I went down to the basement to get clothes out of the dryer that I had forgotten and almost turned all of the water in my body to ice. There’s No Heat in our basement.


But what do you do when faced with impossible circumstances? You press on. You Soldier On! You find a way. At least that’s what I thought you would do. Right? So I added an extra layer of clothing and pushed through. The Struggle Is Real!

I. Got. The. Laundry!

If you’re ever in a situation that seems to be insurmountable, don’t give up! Do Not Give In To Your Circumstance! Just keep on keeping on! The Struggle Is Real!

I pray for those who have to experience – 20°F tonight that do not have a place to stay! The. Struggle. Is. Real!

Keep Smiling, Adapt and continue to:
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