Wanna Learn? – Share What You Got!

A Little Piano - Playing It By Ear

So my daughter started high school recently and she has already been tasked with helping her classmates in some of their subjects. So I told her that it’s a proven fact that when you teach something to someone else you reinforce that concept in your own mind. Share what you’ve got. You only helps yourself at the same time.

So I decided to take my own advice and share a little bit that I did at a service recently. I apologize for the camera angle, and the quality of the sound as I used the camera on my smart phone.

The beautiful thing about this topic is that everyone has something good that they could share. Sometimes what you have to share is there but you don’t know it.

In music, I was able to learn as much as I did because I shared what I learned with my friends and they shared what they learned with me. So we built a community of common knowledge by learning from each other. In fact we still have “shedding” sessions from time to time where knowledge transfer takes place.

Share It. It’s a beautiful thing! You just might learn something in the process.

17 thoughts on “Wanna Learn? – Share What You Got!”

  1. Hello David. Your video clip is too short. Lovely piano. You’re right about sharing. I worked with two work experience students recently and I learned so much about what I do myself.

  2. You touched my heart with that piano music. I always wanted to learn to play the piano. We had a big beautiful upright piano in my home as a child. One summer day I wanted to swim… and the piano disappeared. The excuse was that it appeared I had lost interest in the piano. WHAT??!!!! So now, at 58 years old, I’m teaching my grandsons to play piano. We are learning together. I share what I know about music, and we learn going one page at a time in the book. I pray someday I will play as beautifully as you have in this video clip! Thank you so much for this post! and for stopping by my blog today!!!

  3. I totally agree that when you teach something to someone else you reinforce that concept in your own mind. Amen to that!!
    Sharing shows caring 🙂

    Healthy blessings,

  4. I am a teacher, and I just went to a conference where one of the teachers teaches her student that will struggle the most with something first and then has that student teach it to everyone else. I thought how beautiful of a concept that is because you are absolutely right. The more we teach something, the more we know about it.

  5. Beautiful. Just beautiful and how graceful your fingers move across the wood. I too am a teacher and I have learned so many things about unusual topics by needing to teach them to others.

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