You Gotta Practice!!


Take 6, is a six member acapella gospel jazz vocal band that has been singing together for 25 years. I recently had the privilege of seeing them perform live and their show is phenomenal. They take this playing/singing by ear thing to a new level.

They recorded this one song, “Smile”, a few years ago and they did it at the concert. What was amazing though was watching Khristian Dentley play the piano on this song.

I was fascinated with the chords, runs, and the manual dexterity he displayed as he tickled the ivories and ebonies. And I asked myself the question, “Self? Can I Do That?”

I heard myself say a resounding, “YES!”

But How Can I Do It? How can you do it?
The answer is practice! Consistent Practice! Consistent, Persistent Practice.

What Do You Practice?

Practice what you know in all the keys. Sometimes you may be really slow in one key or another. But over time this will change as you become more familiar with the strange/weird key. Next time I’ll touch on this some more. As well as some tips and tricks to listen for. Until then…

Smile and remember that today is another opportunity to Play It By Ear!

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