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The month of October has rolled around again. And that means fall is upon us! A new season of beautiful colors and a world waiting for something special to happen.  This month of October is special in many ways, as it signifies many turning points of my life. It is also the month that I wrote my first blog on October 1st, 2013 as part of the Ultimate Blog Challenge. My blog post was called Play It By Ear.

October is the birth month of my Mother, Father-in-law, Daughter and numerous other friends that mean a lot to me. October is also the month in which some people close to me have passed away  due to different Cancers of the body. Cancer is one of the most insidious diseases that exists today. It is a deadly scourge that has affected everyone. One of the things that I decided to do this year was join my friend Robert Kennedy III in helping a charity and bring something positive to the world. One of these charities is Pink For Pam.


Here is the mission of Pink For Pam in their own words – “Pink for Pam® is painting a new picture of cancer® for the world.  As new treatments and research extend the length and quality of life for millions of patients, many of whom are younger adults, perceptions of how to cope with the challenge of a breast cancer diagnosis and the new life it brings must change. Pink for Pam aims to help patients, families, caregivers, and the community at large to adopt a new view of cancer that is both optimistic and realistic. Most important, Pink for Pam helps those living with cancer to feel as normal, comfortable and confident as possible in their everyday lives as they work toward recovery.”

WOW! Painting a new picture of cancer – That is amazing. If there was ever a case that anyone could get behind, this is the one.  I Thank you, Pamela Cromwell for creating this vision and seeing it through. You are an awesome human being and an inspiration for all who are struggling with this disease. You show us what it means to live in the midst of dire circumstances. Thanks for being an inspiration to us all and for all who want a better life for themselves. We love you!

But you say, “David, this is great. What can I do to help this awesome charity?” The answer is simple. You can donate to the cause. Here’s how you can get involved. I am running at least 60 miles for the month of October. You can go to the Pink For Pam website and donate what ever you want for each mile that I run. Some people can donate $10 per mile. Others may be able to donate $1 per mile or $5 per mile. What ever you can do, Do! You will be able to follow my progress on and you will be making a difference in someone’s life.

Thanks so much for all your help and I hope you continue to Play It By Ear.

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