When the car won’t start


So I got the kids to school today. I had to run inside to update the dismissal sheet. I came back out to my car to head on to work. And then the car wouldn’t start…

It’s good to have a plan for when life throws you a curve ball you didn’t see coming. What do you do “when your car won’t start?” Does it become the end of the world? Is there another reaction? How do you deal with adversity?

To put it in musical terms, what happens when the piano you’re supposed to play is woefully out of tune, your B or E string breaks just before you’re supposed to play, or your snare drum skin gets busted the first time you hit it?

A passerby, Karl, came by and tried to jump start the car. That did not work. Eventually I had to tow the car to my mechanic, and I was able to get a ride to work from one of my friends, Jason, who just happened to be passing by. #GodIsSoGood

How do you deal with things when your “car won’t start?” I hope you just roll with the punches as I did while you continue to Play It By Ear!

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