I Need My Keys – Part II

I Need To Find My Keys Part II

In a recent post titled, I Need My Keys…s, I explored several techniques for finding the key of a song with and without sheet music. I have tried these methods out myself and have realized that I use these methods extensively. However, I realized that I also have been doing this so long that it comes second nature to me and I don’t really have a clear idea as to what I’m doing. I just do it. I find the key.

Well in doing additional research on this topic I found an interesting video on youtube.com. Take a listen and tell me what you think

Hum the key note! That’s right just hum the note that you think has the  most common tone! A lot of the time the chorus would give you that note. That’s how I usually do it. And as soon it matches the common tone of the song, I know I’ve got it right. It may seem hard and hokey, but it really does work. All you need to do is practice it with every song you can and pretty soon you will be finding your key as you Play It By Ear!!!

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