When the Jaws of Life Have You


So on my way to work today, I saw this accident on the side of the road. There were police cars, fire trucks, and ambulances and first responders everywhere. I was able to take this picture while moving at a very slow crawl past the scene of the crime.

What I could notice, was that the top of the car was totally off the car – The Jaws Of Life had been used! The Jaws Of Life, as they are commonly called in rescue operations, usually refer to specialized Hydraulic Shears that are designed to cut through metal. That’s why they’re so useful in rescuing people who have been trapped in their cars.


This picture which was taken from the Wikipedia’s Hydraulic Rescue Tools website, shows the Hydraulic Shears commonly known as the Jaws of Life!

The Jaws Of Life can take unexpected turns in so many ways, and when they have you it could feel like everything will be OK! Or that everything is going completely awry! It all depends on your perspective. How you react is determines whether you gave a Glass Half Full or Glass Half Empty experience! For Example:

Glass Half Full –  Yay! I’m saved!
Glass Half Empty – Oh no! My car is ruined!

There’s only one way that I hope to be in IF the Jaws of Life make an appearance in my life. And that’s with a smile, because I know that if I’m alive and kicking will enjoy my family and friends as we get together to Play It By Ear!

4 thoughts on “When the Jaws of Life Have You”

    1. I didn’t either until I started working with Firefighters on a daily basis. They say it’s a very useful tool. I, for one, am glad they’ve got it.

  1. I would hope I’d be more thankful that I was being saved. I think I’d already know my car was totaled though! I’ve never heard of them being referred to as The Jaws of Life. You learn something new every day. Thanks for sharing.

    1. You’re welcome. I work with Firefighters and the J. O. L. are very useful for extracting someone from a mangled car. They’re able to get right to them.

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