Play It For Language – Part 3

Language is so important for communicating different things at different times. It is a very important thing that helps people interact with each other through life. Music as a language is such a powerful medium of communicating, because for a lot times there are no words, and you still have to have something to say.

In my recent Blog Post on Play It For Language – Part 2, there was a Ted Talk Educational video that talked about Music As A Language by Victor Wooten, renowned Bass Guitar player. In that YouTube Video, he espoused the fact that children who grow up in a house full of musicians, tend to learn to jam and play by ear a lot faster than children who do not.

I thought about it, and I had started to do this very thing a few months back. I must say that my kids with this method of music instruction, namely just jamming with them and imparting my musical knowledge as organically as I can. It has been surprisingly satisfying. I don’t know if I had shown this video to you yet, but here is a little sample of me and my son just jamming to Chick Corea’s SPAIN! This clip is only a minute long.

I don’t know if I mentioned this, but my son heard me playing this tune and wanted to learn it, so he just started to play it. So I stopped by and started working with him on it. We worked on the phrasing, and different things over time, like adding the bass note in the left hand, among other things

I recommend this method to everyone who is thinking of learning or teaching music. Find a mentor/teacher if you can. And remember that your attitude determines your outcome. So remember:
1. You have to enjoy it.
2. You have to embrace it.
3. You have to Be PERSISTENT!
4. You have to BE
5. You have to have SOMETHING to say!!!

So do as I do! Just pick up your instrument and PLAY IT BY EAR!!!

3 thoughts on “Play It For Language – Part 3”

  1. I think it is very commendable to pass on your skills to your children. They are like sponges and they want to please so it is a great bonding and fun opportunity for them to do as their dad’s and mom’s! Keep up the posts Mr. Hunte, I enjoy them!

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