Growing Pains – Ouch!


Starting anything new involves some growing pains. Even restarting something after a brief lay off has its own share of pains. It is my belief that these pains help more than hurt, and they are useful for weeding out people who aren’t committed as well as strengthening those who are committed.

Some of the pains that you feel as you grow are physical, and some are mental. One of the most obvious examples I’m music is the pain associated with learning to play an instrument like the guitar. Your fingertips hurt. Your wrist hurts from holding the guitar neck. Your shoulders hurt from holding the strap. And the list goes on. These pains are necessary though as they help to build calluses and generally strengthen the muscles. As it has been said – “No Pain! No Gain!” Or as I’ve come to embrace it – “Yes Pain! Yes Gain!”

Sadly, a lot of the mental pains we encounter are self inflicted. These are pains of frustration with self; pains of fear of failure; pains of inadequacy; and a host of others. Can you think of anymore mental pains that people encounter as they try to learn or do something new? Additionally there are other pains that are inflicted by others. Usually they are detractors that try to discourage you and pull you down with negativity.

The thing to do is to keep moving forward. Tell yourself, “Self? You can do this!!! You are not a failure!!!” You can hold your head up knowing that the pains you experience are temporary.


This statement is so true. The pains that you would experience Do NOT Last!!! Transient is the name of the game for pain. You will get through this.

So put a smile on your face and remember today is just another opportunity to Play It By Ear.

4 thoughts on “Growing Pains – Ouch!”

  1. Fear; not knowing what comes next- I think is the biggest pain when learning something new or wanting to do something different. Whether it’s rejection we fear, or discouraging people, failing, or sometimes we fear success because of what might come with it and we self-sabotage.

    Learn to work through the pain – knowing that at the end,your hard work will pay off!! Right on with this article…love it!!


  2. Steve Ross the yoga teacher used to say a lot on his program: Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional! Great article.
    (visiting you from the G+ UBC)

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