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A few years ago I saw a movie called Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead. It put me on a path of wellness that I haven’t looked back from since. The movie chronicled the health of an Australian business man, Joe Cross, who was 100 pounds overweight and also had a debilitating autoimmune disease that affected his skin. In addition to his skin condition, he had high cholesterol and other conditions all of which required medications to mitigate the symptoms.

He took a journey across the US, and traveled for 60 days. He was able to cure his disease and get off ALL his medications just by drinking fruit juices of all types for 60 days. Yes. Only juice for 60 days.

It was at a truck stop in Arizona that Joe met a truck driver, Phil Staples, that had the same disease and he also changes his life and he also goes on a journey to wellness using the same principles that Joe used.

I am amazed that so many people are on a fast track to sickness and they don’t know it. Get in touch with a medical professional and seek help. I did. I juice every few weeks to reboot my system as I also haven’t about 35 pounds and dropping.

Joe Cross has put together a great resource called Reboot With Joe that is phenomenal and very comprehensive. Everyone should check it out.


I have done my share of juicing and a few of the recipes are listed here. Mostly I just juice what I have at the time I’m juicing. But I feel great, the best I’ve felt in years. It should be noted that juicing is medicinal in nature, meaning that this is NOT meant as a permanent replacement for food, but should be used as a way to promote healing and well being for a period of time until you are well again enough to PLAY IT BY EAR!

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