Life – Enjoy It

I Love Flying My Helicopter
I Love Flying My Helicopter

I. Love. Life. I really enjoy it. I live with a clear vision for my life. There is an ultimate destination in mind for my life, and I have determined that nothing is going to keep me down this year. I’m Moving Forward!

#ForwardEver #BackwardNever

Sometimes though, life throws you curve balls that are devastating beyond belief and you wonder how you are going to make it through. For me? I look to God Who Give Me Strength!!!

I keep a positive attitude and I’ve learned along the way to enjoy the life that I’ve been given. I’m occasionally happy, but I always have JOY! I also love seeing other people smile because of my antics. So I will fly my helicopter and I will keep on smiling and as always, Play It By Ear as I ENJOY LIFE!


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