A Clear Mind Is Essential

Workout - Sweat for T25 Alpha Cardio

Believe it! It is true! A Clear Mind Is Essential to being effective in life. You need a clear mind in your personal life. You need a clear mind in your business life. You need a clear mind in your spiritual life. And you need a clear mind in your musical life, which includes Playing Music By Ear 🙂  I had to say it.

One of the ways to keep a clear mind is through exercise. I find that when I exercise in the morning, I function better that day. It’s a really good way to start the day and I can maintain a clear mind. Sometimes I may feel sluggish after a meal, but if I can do a quick 20 pushups or so, I’m able to function much better.

I really started working out on December 1st, 2012, when I did 1 pushup. Today, January 9th 2014, marks the 405th day since I started. So today’s total is 405. Here’s a video of a person you may know finishing a workout:

I will have more to say on this subject later on, but right I’m smiling. Why? My mind is clear and so I will always be happy to Play It By Ear!

2 thoughts on “A Clear Mind Is Essential”

  1. I fully agree that a clear mind is essential to all aspects of one’s life. Unfortunately, the only time I successfully manage to clear my mind is when I am sleeping. And being asleep is not conducive to completing other tasks. LOL

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