Falling Behind – Gotta Play Catchup!!


So I started with great hopes and aspirations for October 2013. I was going to participate in the Ultimate Blog Challenge and post a blog everyday of the month. Did I do that? No. Not yet. LOL. It’s the last day and I’m 3 blogs short. By the time I finish this blog, I’ll only need 2 more posts. What shall I write about? What to write? What To WRITE?

I’m open to suggestions on what to write. I Love music. I Love Life. I’ve tried to combine the two. In some cases it worked. In other posts it didn’t quite work. But I will continue to. I’ve got two more posts to go. Wish me luck. Or better yet –  Keep on smiling and take this day as another opportunity to Play It By Ear!


4 thoughts on “Falling Behind – Gotta Play Catchup!!”

  1. This is probably your best post – showing your beautiful family picture, asking for input from your readers…. and it shows your commitment! It’s not easy to post every single day for a month! Congratulations!!!

  2. Lovely pic of your family!
    Yesterday I was 9 posts behind! I was determined to finish though and am in the middle of writing my last one.
    For you last post, you can write about the challenge and what you’ve learned from it. That’s what I’m doing.
    Good luck!

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