Everywhere you go it’s there. You go to the computer store and it’s there. You go to the music store, it’s there. And don’t forget the grocery or pharmacy (drug store to some). It’s there too!!! What is it?


At this time of year, candy is the number one item being sold. I find that it is almost impossible to ignore. So how do you cope?

Do Push-ups as often as possible
Don’t go shopping when you’re hungry
Drink lots of water
Healthy alternatives – raisins, cereal etc
Workout (Did I say this already?)

It’s all about the will power and what you allow yourself to consume. So I will keep smiling and use today as an opportunity to Play It By Ear!

7 thoughts on “iCandy!!!”

  1. Hi David,

    Nice advice about exercising to balance the candy intake. Water is a great medicine if consumed the first thing after waking up. At least a glass or more and that too without brushing your teeth. It’s done miracles in some cases and even cured cancer this way!

    Coming from today’s UBC chain.

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  2. Great tips. I try to avoid shopping always when I am hungry, it makes me buy unnecessary and often not healthy options. The drinking water is a great tip too. Thanks for sharing your expertise!

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